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Morgan Family Pioneer Heritage
Reed Moore

Youngest child of John Thomas and Annie Andersen Moore


Reed Moore (1907-1989) and Florence Manwaring (1911-1996) were married 26 May 1930 in the Salt Lake Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Life Sketch For James Reed Moore

By Garth R. Moore

Jams Reed Moore was born September 16, 1907, the 12th and final child of John Thomas Moore and Annie Andersen.

His childhood days were spent doing the farm chores such as mowing and raking hay with his father and brothers. He was particularly fond of riding the derrick horse. His dog named Jack and horse, Motto, were quite often his companions. He was kept busy enough with work, school, scouting and church assignments that he didn't have time for much mischief except maybe the times when he and his friends would build bridges across the irrigation ditch, usually causing the ditch to flood all over.

J. Reed was baptized on July 1, 1916 in the Enterprise Canal by his brother, Wesley. He remembers that it was a cold and windy day and that he wore bib overalls cut off at the knees. The weather must not have been too bad because after the baptism they all enjoyed a good swim in the canal. This began a life of active church service. He was ordained a Deacon on December 27, 1919 and advanced through the Priesthood, being ordained a High Priest on January 28, 1940 by Apostle Stephen L. Richards.

J. Reed was quite active in scouting, receiving rank of star Scout. He served a mission for the Church to the North Central States Mission in 1931-1933. His assignments took him to St. Paul and Brainard, Minnesota where he prepared his own lessons, passed out tracts and bulletins and preached on street corners. He was called to be District President to administer Church affairs in that area.

Reed was active in the Sunday School program of the Church both in teaching and administration. He was called as Sunday School Superintendent in 3 different wards, Beaver West Ward, Kanab North Ward, and Coalville 2nd Ward for a total of 14 years. In Beaver, Utah he served on the High Council for 3 years from 1940-1943 and as a member of the Stake Presidency for 2 years from 1943-1945. In Kanab, Utah he was called to the High Council for 4 years. He also served as Chairman of the Virgin River regional Welfare program from 1945-1953.

While attending school in Ithaca, New York in 1959-1960 he served as a district missionary in the Eastern States Mission and taught the Melchezideck Priesthood.

Reed was called as Financial Clerk in Coalville 2nd Ward in 1966 and held that position for 15 years. He was also called as Stake Financial Clerk in Summit stake, in 1976 and held both clerk positions concurrently for five years. His dedication to truth, work and service in the Church is an example we all could follow.

J. Reed remembers that as a young child he would sit on the lap of his brother, John, who would sing to him. This must have struck a familiar chord because music and drama have been an important part of his life. In high school he acted in 2 plays, "Next Door" and "Seven Keys to Baldpate". At Rick's College, he also acted in 2 plays and also 2 operas, "Pirates of Penzance" and "H.M.S. Pinafore" in which he had a lead part. In 1929 he sang with the M-Men quartet, Fremont Stake, Rexburg, Idaho. Their group won the area contest and came to Salt Lake to compete in the All-Church competition. Reed says that if the tenor hadn't gotten so nervous and sung the first verse off-key, they would have won 1st place. However, they were delighted with the 2nd place honor they received. Reed also sang with the County Agents male quartet in 1954.

Reed said that he probably sang at every funeral held in beaver, Utah during the time he lived there. The most requested song was, "In The Garden."

He also led the music at the National County Agents Convention held in Houston, Texas in 1964. While in Kanab, he wasn't fully satisfied that his talents had been discovered so one summer he signed up with a movie company on location there as an extra in "Westward the Women" and "Sam Spade" for $150 a week.

He has sung with the ward choir in every ward he lived in and was ward chorister in Coalville 2nd Ward for 6 years. He still sings solos occasionally at Senior Citizens events in Coalville.

During high school, Reed was quite active in school activities. Besides his music and drama, he was advertising manager for the high school paper and was 9th on the honor roll. He received a scholarship to Ricks College and after graduating from Idaho Falls High School in May, 1927, he began that same fall to attend Ricks College. His interest in music and drama continued but in addition he was elected cheerleader at Ricks College in October, 1928.

It was while at Ricks College that he met Florence Manwaring in October, 1927. She was secretary at one of the college departments. Their first date was a walk home from church. In fact, many of their dates that first year were walks home from church. Finally on Christmas Eve, 1929 they became engaged and the following spring, May 26, 1930, they were married in the Salt Lake Temple by Apostle George F. Richards. Reed remembers that the wedding day was very frustrating. There were 26 couples married that day by Brother Richards and they sat on a bench and waited their turn. That evening they were escorted to Spanish Fork to Florence's grandmother's home where they were entertained by relatives all evening. "We were not able to have a minute alone," said Reed. The next morning, Grandma peeked in on the newly-weds and said, "I just wanted to see how a newly married couple looked in bed," Reed was very upset about that.

They returned to Rexburg where Reed was teaching 5th and 6th grades at Hibbard Elementary. He taught one more year until May, 1931 when he was called on his mission.

After the mission was completed in 1933, Reed taught 1 year at Rexburg Elementary. Then in 1934 Reed and Florence jumped into their 1927 Chevy (which Reed had purchased on his mission) and headed for Utah State University in Logan, Utah. Reed got a job doing research on a student work program earning 15 cents per hour and Florence worked as a secretary. Reed prepared his studies in agricultural economics and horticultural and graduated in June, 1936. Just prior to graduating, Reed took a job in Vernal, Utah with the Farmers Home Administration in January, 1936. He completed his graduation classes by extension.

After graduation, Reed and Florence moved to Beaver, Utah where Reed had accepted a position at Beaver High School teaching Agriculture and Farm Shop. It was while in Beaver that three of their four children were born, Marilyn, Garth Ray and Laura Ann. Birdean came after they moved to Kanab

In 1945, Reed accepted an assignment as County Agricultural Agent with the Extension Service of Utah State University for Kane County, in Kanab, Utah. The family moved into a small rented home for a while until their new home was built. Besides his duties with the extension service, Reed was also the local veterinarian.

In 1953, the University asked Reed to transfer to Summit County, Coalville, Utah which he accepted. After working in Coalville for several years, Reed felt a need for further education so he took a sabbatical leave in 1959-1960 from the University and with his family went to Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. He received his Masters Degree in Rural Sociology. He returned to Coalville where he continued as County Agent until his retirement in June, 1972.

During his service for the University Extension Service, Reed was recognized on several occasions for dedication and abililities. He was president of the Utah State Association of County Agents in 9154. He received the Distinguished Service Award by the National Association of County Agricultural Agents in 1961, and received a 20 year service award from the U.S.D.A. in 1965. He was able to travel on occasion to many places to broaden his experience and improve his abilities.

Reed said that life has been good to him and that he has experience no major disappointments. When asked what advice he could give, his answer simply reflected his own life; "Work hard, attend to your duties in the church, and love your family."

James Reed and Florence Moore Gravestone

Click on the link above to see a picture of the James Reed and Florence Moore gravestone in the Shelton, Idaho Cemetery