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Morgan Family Pioneer Heritage

Melvin Ross was very much a part of our Morgan and Radford families


Melvin Ross first married Julia Elizabeth Smith in 1861. Julia died in 1878 of injuries incurred in a fall between a wagon box and rear wheel.

Julia Elizabeth Smith Ross

Click on the link above to see a life history of Julia Elizabeth Smith Ross and her father Silas Smith.

In the picture above Melvin Ross is shown with his second wife, Mary Ellen Hadden Ross, whom he married in 1879, and children from both marriages. Some of the pictures on this website incorrectly spell Mary Ellen Hadden's name as Haddon. Hadden is the correct spelling.

Back row, L-R: Francis Marion (Joe) Ross (1865-1949), Don Carlos Ross (1867-1918), James Melvin Ross (1869-1936). Center row: Silas Asael Ross (1875-1896). These four sons were all son's from Melvin's first marriage to Julia Elizabeth Smith Ross.

Center Row, right: Melvin Ross (1842-1920), Mary Ellen Haddon Ross (1861-1925).

Front Row, L-R: Ellen (Effie) Ross (1880-1954) (Oldest daughter of second wife), Mary Ester (Mame) Ross (1873-1950) (Second daughter of first wife), and Julia Elizabeth Ross (1883-1967) (Second daughter of second wife).

Click on the link above to see a picture of Mary Ester Ross and her husband Hyrum Weld Stott.

Ellen (Effie) Ross

Click on the link above to see a picture of Effie Ross with her second husband James Curtis Sweet and her sister Julia's second husband John Robert (Jack) Spracher.

Julia Elizabeth Ross

Delora Ross is not in the Melvin Ross family picture above. To see pictures of her click on the Delora link or the Julia, Sadie, Delora link.

Delora Ross

Click on the link above to be taken to the Delora Ross page.

John Whitlock Radford and Rachel Leah Ross

Click on the link above to be taken to the page with a family picture of Rachel Leah Smith Ross, her second husband John Whitlock Radford, James Richard Ross (brother of Melvin Ross) and children of James Richard and Melvin Ross.

Below is a four generation picture showing Melvin Ross (1842-1920) with his daughter Julia Elizabeth Ross Radford (1883-1967), her daughter Sadie Geneva Radford Durrant (1898-1968), and baby Sadie Cleova Durrant (born 1916).


This picture is unusual in that it was hand tinted. Melvin is wearing overalls with a black vest, an outfit that William Thomas Morgan, who was married to Melvin's oldest daughter Sarah Lovina, often wore in the same time period.

Click on the link above to see several pages of pictures of Julia Elizabeth Ross Radford, her husband John William Radford, and their family

Julia Elizabeth Ross Radford and Jack Spracher

Click on the link above to be taken to a page with pictures of Julia Elizabeth Ross Radford and her second husband John Robert (Jack) Spracher.

Melvin Ross Look Alike?


In the picture above are Melvin Ross's wife Mary Ellen Hadden and four of her children. Left to right they are Julia Elizabeth Ross Radford (1883-1967) (who married John William Radford), Ruben Ross (1885-1957) (who married Sarah Ann Hardy), Mary Ellen Hadden Ross (1861-1925)(Mother, who was married to Melvin Ross), Andrew Jackson Ross (1889-1950)(who married Maud Ella Radford), and the oldest daughter Effie Ross Workman (1880-1954) (who married Charles Samuel Workman).

Effie, Julia, Ruben, Delora and Edith Ross

Click on the link above to see a picture of three of the oldest children of Melvin Ross and his second wife Mary Ellen Hadden Ross.

Maud Ella Radford Ross

Click on the link above to see a picture and short sketch for ANDREW JACKSON ROSS and his wife Maud Ella Radford Ross.

Melvin Ross Life History

Click on the link above to see more pictures of Melvin Ross and his family and to read a life history of Melvin Ross, some of which is in his own words.

Ross Family Composite

Click on the link above to see a large composite picture of people in the Ross and associated families

The Smith and Braswell Families (Ancestors of Melvin Ross and Nancy Jane Radford)

Click on the link above to read a history of the Smith, Braswell and Agee families who were Melvin Ross' ancestors on his mother's side.

The maiden name of Melvin Ross' mother was Rachel Leah Smith. Melvin Ross married Julia Elizabeth Smith. These two smith famiies were apparently unrelated. We have found no records linking them.

Melvin and Mary Ellen Headstone

Click on the link above to see a picture of the headstone on the graves of Melvin Ross and Mary Ellen Haddon Ross.