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Morgan Family Pioneer Heritage

1949 Reunion at Tautphaus Park

This Radford/Ross/Ryset reunion was held June 22, 1949 at Tautphaus Park in Idaho Falls, Idaho


#1: Daniel H. (Dee) Radford (1881-1951)(Husband of Ada Melissa Morgan). #2: Francis Edward (Dick) Ryset (1893-1963). #3: Vera Radford?? 4: Mary Ester (Mamie) Ross Stott (1873-1950)(Wife of Hyrum Weld Stott). #5: Andrew Jackson Ross (1889-1950)(Husband of Maud Ella Radford). #6: Boyd Ross??. #7: Ruben Ross (1885-1957)(Husband of Sarah Ann Hardy). #8: George William Brown (1881-1968)(Husband of Clara Jane Woolsey Brown)(1886-1966). #9: Thomas Clarence Ryset (1896-1964). #10: Martha Elizabeth Spracher Radford (1888-1969)(Wife of George Henry Radford). #12: Sarah Ann Hardy Ross (1888-1976)(Wife of Ruben Ross). #13: Ada Melissa Morgan Radford (1886-1968)(Wife of Daniel H (Dee) Radford). #14: Violet Viola Ryset Moore (1891-1973)(Wife of John Moore). #15: Harriet Lovell (1889-1968)(Wife of George Hyrum Lovell). #16: Josie Freeman (1892-1957)(Wife of Harold Heber Freeman). #17: Clara Jane Woolsey Brown (1886-1966)(Wife of George William Brown). #19: John Darwin Radford (1930-1950)(Son of George and Martha Radford). #20: Grant Daniel Radford (1922-1993)(Son of George and Martha Radford). #21: Max Radford (b.1942). #22: Cleo Lavon Gallup Radford (1919-2004)(Wife of Etsel Radford)(Baby Lynn Radford b.1949). #23: Verta Colleen Radford (1940-1996). #24: Sarah Priscilla Morgan Ryset (1872-1954)(Wife of Francis Daniel (Frank) Ryset). #25: Julia Elizabeth Ross Radford (1883-1967)(Wife of John William Radford). #26: Nora Ryset Moore (1889-1964)(Wife of George Moore). #27: Sadie Geneva Radford Durrant (1898-1968)(Wife of Roland Durrant). #28: Roland Durrant (1897-1979).