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Morgan Family Pioneer Heritage
Rigby Second Ward 1954

A great historical record of the Rigby, Idaho LDS Church Second Ward mothers


There are ten rows of women in this picture. They are numbered along the left side. The picture was taken on mother's day in 1954. The women were all members of the Rigby Second Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Rigby, Idaho. Mary Morgan is circled on the back row.

Front Row, left to right: Ada Stowell, Virginia Campbell, Enid Palmer, Gudrun Hisgen, Jessie Burgess, Lucille Smith, Hattie Hutchings.

Second row, left to right: Ivy Grover, Dora Jensen, Afton Bullock, Mary Lou Wright, Marie Baron, Francis Chapman, Lila Anderson, Rose Cheney.

Third Row, left to right: Hattie Jones, Clara Ball, Louise Riley, Evelyn Meng, Jessie Olsen, Mamie Cleverly, Dorothy Radford, Nadine Stowell, Maureen Olsen.

Fourth row, left to right: Norma Jean Trost, Janet Stowell, Larene Casper, Clara Guyman, Lila Baron, Elsie Nielson, Mavis Smith, Fern Rhodes.

Fifth row, left to right: Lottie Waters, Glenda Algood, Beulah Jardine Everett, Margaret Gneiting, Noreen Dixon, Belva Mugleston, Helen Wolfensburger, Amelia Wright, Nedra Roberts.

Sixth row, left to right: Christina Green, Vila Hawkins, Katheryn Jones, Myrtle Buckland, Lulu Briggs, Mable Morgan, Carma Madsen.

Seventh row, left to right: Vera Archibald, Donna Branson, Carrie Evans, Eleanor Lee, Agnes Young, Ada Davis, Mattie Kinghorn, Hazel Brucks, Lida Call.

Eighth row, left to right: Kathleen Stowell, Hazel Whittle, Dessie Morgan, Florence Monson, LaRae Pincock, Kate Clift, Marie Smith, Ethel Hunsaker, Devona Young, Marjory Cleverly.

Ninth row, left to right: Mary Young, Esther Fisher, Mary Jacobson, Emma Rash.

Tenth row, left to right: Sarah Bowles, Carla Moore, Iva Stallings, Lauella Briggs, Dorothy Swanson, Ethel Jones, Idonna Baron, Mary Morgan, Lillie Call, Alma Hendrickson.

Misc. notes, row one: Ada Stowell was the wife of Eugene Stowell, who owned and operated the Stowell Dairy in Rigby, and from whom Kenneth and Mary Morgan bought their farm near Rigby. Jessie Burges was the wife of Lambert Burgess and they were neighbors of Ken and Mary Morgan.

Misc. notes, row two: Afton Bullock married Little George Haywood. The Haywoods lived across the canal to the North of Ken and Mary Morgan. The Morgan children sometimes crossed the canal at night to raid the Haywood apple orchard and occasioanlly big George Haywood would shoot his shotgun into the orchard to scare them off. Mary Lou Wright was married to Ted Wright, the local english teacher, and they lived on the south boundary of Ken and Mary Morgan's farm. On his way duck hunting one day James Morgan hit a patch of ice while driving in Ken Morgan's Studebaker truck, slid into Ted Wright's car, which was going the other way, and put Ted Wright into the hospital. Ted Wright was James Morgan's english teacher at the time.

Misc. notes, row three: Hattie Jones was married to Wendell Jones, the local butcher. Clara Ball was married to Raymond Ball, the mayor of Rigby. Louise Riley was married to Max Riley. They lived in the city of Rigby and were good friends to Ken and Mary Morgan. Jessie Olson was married to Bob Olsen. Ken Morgan often rented pasture land from Bob. Dorothy Radford was married to Glen James Radford, who was a grandson of Daniel H Radford and Everal Hannah Morgan Radford. Everal Hannah Morgan Radford was Kenneth Morgan's aunt. Maureen Olsen was married to Robert Olsen. They married before they got out of high school and, despite people's doubts about marrying so young, had a successful marriage that has lasted 50 years and counting.

Misc. notes, row four: Norma Jean Trost was married to Arlo Trost. Lila Baron was married to Victor Baron. Elsie Nielson was married to Errol Nielson, good family friends to Ken and Mary Morgan. Fern Rhodes was married to Stanley Rhodes. They owned a farm two or three miles from Ken and Mary Morgan. Fern was related to Mary Morgan on the Finn side.

Misc. notes, row five: Helen Wolfensburger was married to Hank Wolfensburger. Amelia Wright was married to Hugh Wright. She was Mary Morgan's aunt on the Finn family side. Nedra Roberts was married to Tom Roberts, one of the coaches at Rigby High School.

Misc. notes, row six: Mable Morgan was not a direct relation to Ken Morgan so far as we have been able to find. Carma Madsen was married to Howard Madsen.

Misc. notes, row seven: Vera Archibald was married to Don Archibald, a local business man, and Bishop of the Rigby second ward under whom Kenneth Morgan served as a counselor. Hazel Brucks was married to David Brucks. The Brucks family owned a farm to the East of Ken and Mary. David Brucks bought the Ken and Mary Morgan farm after Ken's death.

Misc. notes, row eight: Hazel Whittle was married to Stillman Whittle, they were neighbors to the northeast of the Ken and Mary Morgan farm and good friends. Stillman Whittle, a quiet man of integrity, was James Morgan's first ward teaching companion.

Misc. notes, row nine: None yet.

Misc. notes, row ten: Carla Moore was Carla Madsen before she married. She was a daughter of Howard and Carma Madsen. Iva Stallings was the mother of Jylene Stallings who married James Morgan. Mary Morgan was the wife of Kenneth Morgan.

The author had the good fortune to run into Enid Palmer (Who is on the front row) at the Jefferson County Pioneer Museum in Rigby, Idaho and she knew (and had written down) the name of every woman in this great old Rigby Second Ward mother's day picture. Our thanks to Enid for supplying us with these names.