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Morgan Family Pioneer Heritage
The Miskin Scraper

The 'Miskin' improvement on the Fresno Scraper


Pictured above is the "Miskin" improvement on the Fresno scraper. And below is a story from the Miskin Scraper Works in Idaho about the invention of this scraper.

Arthur R. Miskin had a job helping to build a canal in eastern Idaho. He used a [Fresno] scraper with a long handle on the back of the pan that made it dig, slide or dump. The team of horses pulled it while Arthur walked behind in the dust, controlling the pan with the long handle. Another operator had his pan catch on a rock and the long handle flipped up under his arm and threw him up onto the horses. They ran away tromping the poor fellow before the pan was dragged over him.

Arthur came home that night and exclaimed "I can make a better scraper than that." And he did. It had wheels to haul a bigger load, a seat to ride on, and foot controls that let his hands free to hold the reins. It was an instant success wherever it was shown. The Miskin Scraper Works in Ucon, Idaho was started as a result in 1917 and today is the world's oldest manufacturer of scrapers for farm use. (Note- The Miskin Scraper Works is still operated by the Miskin family)




Miskin was certainly innovative. Not content with horse drawn scrapers he next produced this two wheeled tractor scraper. The whole point was to make the work easier, first for the people, then for the horses, and to get more work done faster.