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Morgan Family Pioneer Heritage
Sunrise Dairy

Sunrise Dairy owned by Lenard and Orlean Nield


The Sunrise Dairy was located in Ammon, about two miles from Idaho Falls, Idaho. The framed advertising picture above measured approximately eight inches wide by six inches high. It was hanging on the wall of Orlean and Lenard Nield's home in October, 1944 so it would have been either a 1944 or earlier calendar. Traveling salesmen would come to small businesses and offer to sell them these little advertisement givaways with their business name on them. This traditional form of advertisement persisted in Southeastern Idaho well into the 1960's.


The advertisement shown in the picture above was given out free by Lenard and Orlean Nield to promote their dairy. It still has a 1940 calendar (not shown in the picture above) attached to the bottom. And, amazingly, it was still hanging on the wall of the household it was given to when it was taken down and scanned in July, 2005. It had been kept by the family it was originally given to for sixty five years!


These small framed pictures, often with a thermometer, and always with a calendar attached at the bottom, were commonly handed out free by small businesses in Idaho in the 1940's, 1950's and even in the 1960's.

Orlean Morgan Nield

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