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Morgan Family Pioneer Heritage

Effie, Julia, Ruben, Delora and Edith Ross

Five of the six oldest children of Melvin Ross with his second wife Mary Ellen Hadden


In this picture are, left to right, back row: Sarah Ann Hardy Ross, wife of Ruben Ross. She was born 8 July 1888 in Sevier, Utah and died 23 October 1976. She married Ruben Ross 19 June 1907. Next to Sarah Ann Hardy is her husband Ruben Ross who was born 10 March 1885 in Leamington, Millard, Utah and died 2 September 1957.

Next is Maud Ella Radford Ross, born 11 May 1892 in Shelton, Bonneville, Idaho and died 21 October 1960. She married Andrew Jackson Ross (younger brother of Ruben Ross) 6 June 1912.

Back row, right, is Delora Ross, born 23 March 1887 in Joseph, Sevier, Utah, and died 16 January 1967. Delora married first Robert Morgan (Son of Edward and Sarah West Morgan) 12 February 1902 (Or 11 April 1903). Robert and Delora had three children and were divorced sometime after 1920. Delora married next Norval Grant. And Delora third married William Warden Swain.

In the front row are, left to right: Julia Elizabeth Ross Radford. She was born 14 January 1883 at Neeley, Idaho, married John William Radford 11 December 1900 in Rudy Jefferson, Idaho and second married John Robert (Jack) Spracher 10 March 1951. She died 18 January 1967.

Front row center is Ellen (Effie) Ross Workman. She was born 5 April 1880 in Parawan, Iron, Utah, married Charles Samuel Workman 20 December 1897 in Poplar, Bingham, Idaho. She second married James Curtis Sweet 22 September 1916. She had children by both marriages. She died 4 October 1954.

Front row, right, is Edith Ross Brown, born 9 July 1892 in Joseph, Sevier, Utah, married Edwin Jacob Brown 26 November 1907 in Ririe, Bonneville, Idaho, and died 10 October 1962 in Rigby, Jefferson, Idaho.

This is an important picture because in it are five of the six children of Melvin Ross with his second wife Mary Ellen Hadden Ross. Only one son, Andrew Jackson Ross (1889-1950), is not present.

More pictures of Edith, Delora and other Ross family members

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Mary Cornelia Ross

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Ruben and Sarah Ann Hardy Ross Gravestone

Click on the link above to see a picture of the gravestone for Ruben Ross and his wife Sarah Ann Hardy Ross in the Shelton, Idaho Cemetery.