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Morgan Family Pioneer Heritage

Unknown Holden family


This picture was found in the collection of a Morgan/Ryset descendant in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. There is a small town in Utah named Holden, near Fillmore. There was a John Holden in our Morgan history who was the first husband of Sarah Lovina Ross.

This picture is perhaps called a "halfway" picture. One of the largest problems with old pictures is that the owners, who know who is in the picture, do not write the names on the picture. They know who is in the picture and, we suppose they must think, therefore they don't need to write the names on the picture. Consequently, many days, months, years of research are sometimes necessary to figure out who is in the old pictures. And the old pictures that are not named are more likely than not lost once the people who know who is in them passes away. When people don't know who is in an old picture they throw it away or sell it on eBay. Now this picture is, as I have said, a "halfway" picture. The owner wrote on it "Holden's...Mary Irene..Carl...Dad...Mom." So we know the young girl in the picture is Mary Irene Holden and the dog in the picture is Carl but we don't know mom and dad's names. Whoever wrote this knew who mom and dad were so they didn't feel the need to write their names on the picture. And us poor overworked family history researchers just sigh and keep working.

How much easier life would be for family history researchers IF PEOPLE WOULD JUST WRITE THE NAMES ON THE PICTURES. There. Got that out of my system.